October 15, 2012

"Adolescence" - The October Diana Moses Botkin Artist's Challenge

"Self portrait 1968"
Oil on Canvas 18" x 27"

This month's challenge, choosen by Suzanne,  was "Adolescence," so, call it a cop out or inspired, I decided to post a painting I did in my adolescence.  Painted when I was 16 and in my Dutch Masters phase, this piece hung in my parents' house for years.  Only a na├»ve 16-year-old would cut those hands off at the knuckles.  You may note that Justin Bieber has nothing on me.  I was way ahead of my time, and quite the heart-throb in my day. 
I also want to say welcome back, Suzanne!

Oil on canvas
©2012 Suzanne Berry

 "Soothing Break"
Oil on hardboard 6"x9" 
"Tyler the Teenager"
14" x18" Pastel
©2012 Vicki Ross