January 5, 2009


Ah! 2009 - Time to put all the bad stuff that happened last year behind us and look ahead to a bright new year. So what happens on day 3 of this bright new year? Someone breaks into my house and steals my iMac computer. Yes, the one that has taken me 9 months to finally get used to. Did I back up all my reference material that was on that machine? Yes and no. I had an external hard drive that automatically backs up the mac every hour and the perps left it behind. The trouble is that my auxiliary laptop is a PC and cannot read the data. Since I have to get a new computer anyway, I am going back to a PC. I never really loved the iMac other than the beautiful 24" screen.

Stay tuned. New work is coming, I promise.


JMahorney said...

:( Dammit. I'm so sorry Mark! It's not so much the stuff as the feeling of being stolen from. I'm still licking my wounds from the jerk who stole my bike. Well the bright side is someone can't still what make you great, unless they can steal your brain and I hope those days are far off (trying to lighten the mood).

Kellie Marian Hill said...

that's awful! I'm so sorry that something like that had to go and happen and tarnish the beginning of 2009... still, hopefully you will love your new computer :/ and I'm sure someone at the computer store can help you transfer the files from the mac external hard drive over to a PC... really looking forward to seeing your new work, too.

-sending a hug-

Joanne said...

Oh Mark - that is really bad news! I guess it wouldn't matter when this kind of thing happened - it really sucks! I 'm thinking that things will only get better from here on... happy rest of the year.

Terry Rafferty said...

Really sorry to hear about the theft. Somehow that just needs to get classified under the 2008 umbrella so you can get a belated good start on 2009!

It did take me a good year to adjust to my Mac - but I would never ever give it up now... but if you've continued to work on your PC maybe it will feel right.

Best wishes to you on restarting the year -

DToms said...

So sorry to hear that Mark, we've been broken into before too and I've gone out in the morning a couple of times to find my car has been ransacked overnight. It's a very frustrating feeling and they rarely get caught.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks for the comfort and support.

I am coping and trying to regroup. I was able to recover some of the lost data from the external hard drive with the help of my friend Diane and her Mac. It is a slow process. Still, I am hoping to work on my self-portrait today. Thanks for the hug Kellie.

smellyrhinostudio said...

Hey, Mark! Sorry about the jack@ss robber. Sometimes, doesn't it make you hope there is Karma?

Happy New Year! Glad to see you're upbeat about it. Can't wait to see new stuff.


Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Rebecca.

I'm starting to shake it off. I firmly believe what goes around comes around.