July 28, 2008

"The Hunt Master" - Study for "Blessing of the Hounds"

Oil on museum quality archival ampersand gessobord™ panel - 6” x 8”  
Everyone has their Thanksgiving traditions.  Some folks, still in their pajamas, watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade on television, Bloody Mary in hand.  Others are busy getting the bird in the oven; the center-piece of a glorious holiday feast for family and friends.  In a field across from a small stone church in Glyndon, Maryland, a festive band of merry men and women, horse and hound, prepare to pit themselves against that cunning little creature, the fox.  With much pomp and circumstance, horse and rider congregate, greet fellow equestrians, pose for the crowd and await the arrival of the clergy to come and bless the hounds. The tradition of the Blessing of Hounds dates back to the eighth century and marks the Feast of St. Hubert (the patron saint of hunters) and the formal opening of the hunting season. Once consecrated, they make chase across the countryside in pursuit of their prey. The baying of the hounds, the ringing of trumpets, the colorful costumes and pageantry is all pure theatre.   


Anonymous said...

Mark, What a beautiful painting!!! Job well done. Farm Girl

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Farm Girl. I thought you'd like this one.

Diane said...

truly a slice of a Maryland tradition.

Anonymous said...


Obviously I loved this piece.

You can visit it in our parlour!

The city girl!

Mark Adams said...

City Girl,

I'm flattered. This painting is much, much better in real life. Those greens are a soft, sage "Christina's World" green and the red coat just pops. I'll have to come out to the farm to play someday; painting a horse is like painting a really big dog (well sort of).