July 24, 2008

"Half and Half"

Oil on museum quality, archival ampersand gessobord™ panel - 6” x 8”

What can I say about a proper pint of Guinness and Harp? When done right, it is a thing of beauty. A half-and-half is often just another name for a Black & Tan. However, in most North American Irish pubs, the Bass/Guinness combination is called a Black & Tan, while the Harp/Guinness combination is called a Half-and-Half. Either way, it is delicious. Two days ago I painted a black and tan dachshund named Henry.  I knew there was a reason I liked the little guy. Could this be a theme?  Of my two studio cats - one is black and tan; a frail but beautiful 18 year old, seal-point Siamese queen named Anna.  The other, J.J., a foundling white and ginger American shorthair, is a half and half - half angel/half monster (mostly angel). After yesterday's technically challenging sprite, this painting was a walk in the park; a fun, colorful exercise.  I even broke out my ancient trowel palette knife to add some color and texture to An Poitin Stil's worn wooden table.    Sláinte!


Diane said...

Quite sure you have enjoyed working with ths model... You deserve to enjoy this libation after so beautifully rendering it.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks for the comments Diane. You know how I likes my Guinness.

smellyrhinostudio said...