July 5, 2008

"Whippet with Paperwhite Narcissus"

Oil on linen mounted on birch wood panel - 6” x 8”

I'm not sure why but this piece reminds me of something Gauguin might have painted. Perhaps it is the flat simplicity of the composition. Or perhaps that Tahitian pink at the bottom right. The visual repetition of Olive's spots in the flower pot is fun too. Her gaze is one of introspection, as if she is contemplating her own elegance and beauty.


Diane said...

what a sweet sensitive face... as always a "perfect pup portrait."

I read the expanded editorial to your last piece. now I am going to your blog daily not only for the art but the wordsmithing is great too.

Mark Adams said...

As you know, I usually post my paintings in the wee small hours, having spent my last drop of creative energy on the visual art. The literary musings come after I have had a chance to sleep on the past days creation. You are smart to check back.

Thanks, as always for the comments and praise, even though I don't always acknowledge your comments, they are very much appreciated. I wish the lurkers would let me know they are out there.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Yes she does look introspective. Or maybe she's wondering when she can take a modeling break and get a doggie treat. She looks very patient.

It's a lovely piece and very sympathetic to this little lady. You've captured her velvet coat well. I can almost feel that short hair under my hand.