July 9, 2008


Oil on linen mounted on wood panel 6" x 8"
Being the foodies that we are, a trip to Lucullus in New Orleans French Quarter is always on the menu. Watching over the vast array of culinary antiques, aside from proprietor Patrick Dunne and his partner, Zoubir Taboug, is resident English Bulldog, Clovis. Here he is taking a break from his duties as epicurean antiquarian ambassador.


Diane said...

loved this guy and you've captured him... I can hear his snorting and feel his relaxed NOLA attitude! That leather desk chair was his..

Sheila Vaughan said...

What a great slobbery dog Mark with his lovely folds of velvety fur. Looks like he's taking a nap but with an eye just a fraction open like dogs are prone to do.

gary said...

Taking a break? I don't think I've ever seen him out of that chair :)