October 1, 2013

Today's Tuesday Tip - "Beautiful Things"

Have you noticed how cheaply things are made these days?  We had an impromptu cherry pie party last week and I bought some red glass Christmas ornaments to fill pie plates as part of the centerpieces. At least that is what I thought I bought.  When I spilled them into the plates, they made an odd sound. They just felt wrong.  On closer inspection I first noticed the seam, then the paint on some of them was sort of wrinkled. Gasp,  they were made of plastic!!   Has it come to this?!  Of course they were made in China, as so much is these days, but I paid as much as I used to pay for the hand blown ones from Germany.  Are our children and grandchildren never going to know the joy of quality craftsmanship?  Alas, I fear it may be so.  Not too long ago, I ordered a gross of faceted purple, green and gold Mardi Gras beads from a company I have dealt with for years; the Mardi Gras Annex. The difference in what was delivered this time and the beads I had ordered just 10 years ago was startling.  The paint was thin and poorly applied and the beads were badly formed.  It is this way with everything!  I challenge you to find a new quality potato peeler, can opener or spatula.  It is impossible.

All that said, I try to surround myself  with things that are not only functional but beautiful and well made.  A case in point:  I have a wonderful clip on my easel to hold my reference photos.  I could have nailed a wooden clothespin on it to serve the same purpose but this beautiful brass clip, from the Kaltenbach and Stephens Manufacturing Company, reminds me that quality and beauty will endure when the disposable crap around us is long gone.


Cindy Revell said...

I couldn't agree more. Perhaps that's one of the reasons the desire for hand made things like artwork endures.

Mark Adams said...

This is the reason we do what we do.