October 17, 2013

"La Chien-Fleur"

"La Chien Fleur"   8" x 8"   Oil on Panel    2013

 While painting this pooch wearing an Elizabethan collar, I was reminded of two iconic images.  One was of Marilyn Monroe with her skirt blowing up from the 1955 movie The Seven Year Itch.

The other was Picasso's painting of his lover, Françoise Gilot portrayed as a flower in La Femme-Fleur.


Diana Moses Botkin said...

What an interesting painting, Mark! It's so cool you added that collar thing. I especially love the comparison to Marilyn's photo.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Diana. What appealed to me was the Elizabethan collar, although I'm sure the poor pooch was less than thrilled at having to wear it.