September 30, 2013

"SPCA Kitty"

   Oil on museum quality Ampersand Gessobord panel
  6" x 8"

I recently attended a function at the Baltimore SPCA called "Wine and Wags."  I thought it might be a good opportunity to capture some new reference for the blog, as every breed imaginable would be there carousing the dog runs.  It actually was a little too much kinetic happiness, as the frenzied pups dashed back and forth and played with their new found friends.  What I did find was a much sadder tale inside the facility.  Staring back from cages and enclosures were the forlorn faces of people's abandoned pets looking for love. It broke my heart to see these sad little kitties and hear their cries pleading for affection. Don't get me wrong, they are being well cared for at the SPCA and it is a no kill facility so, with luck, they will soon find a new family to love them.  


martinealison said...

Oh! Si je m'écoutais j'adopterais tous ces animaux... Il doit être insupportable de croiser le regard de chacun d'eux sans craquer.

gros bisous

Mark Adams said...

Moi aussi. Mais j'ai déjà 6 chats.