July 9, 2013

Today's Tuesday Tip: WHEELS

 When I say wheels, I'm not talking about my Harley, either.  I'm talking about the kind you put on furniture to roll things around.  Need to clean under your work space?  No problem.  Having a party and need to push things to the side?  Easy Peasy.  Obviously, this tip is for the artists out there but it could be used on anything big that you move out of the way on a regular basis (duh.)  For those of you who haven't visited the studio - this is my work space.  With casters on the key pieces I can expand or contract the essential elements as needed, on the fly.  The mat under the easel is one of those cushy kitchen mats found at Bed, Bath and Beyond - very good for standing during long painting sessions.  Hey, that's two tips today!
I have to admit that I sometimes feel like I've landed the lead in an off, off, off Broadway production of Starlight Express.

 Ironically, my daughter, Holly, is an artist out West in Ashland, Oregon who routinely does performance art, painting in acrylics while on roller skates.If you don't know her work, you should check out her site: www.infinitmagicdesign.com/

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