July 26, 2013

Friday Flashback - "Four Oyster Paintings"

Four Oyster paintings   Oil on panel  each 5" x 5"

I'm still working on the format of this blog but it's finally coming together.  I have settled on Friday to feature some of my more vintage work to reflect on, mostly because I like the alliteration of "Friday Flashback."   Oysters have delighted me since I can remember, both painting them and slurping them.  These little gems were a staple during the daily painting days.  Graphik Dimensions (aka pictureframes com) offers these great 5" x 5" frames they call "magnificent minis" for a fraction of their regular per inch price, around 11 bucks a frame give or take.  They are sort of a grab bag, as you don't know what they will send you.  The frames are often very overwrought, which is fine by me. They remind me of when I worked at a frame shop years ago.  I spent my lunch hour chopping the scrap molding into small frames.  I'm sure there are hundreds of them in the catacombs of the basement. Uh oh, there's that hoarding thing again.

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