July 1, 2013

"Rally Girl"

Oil on canvas  22" x 28"

Welcome to the new and improved "Mark Adams Studio" blog!  Henceforth, I will attempt to post on a (almost) daily basis my latest work, older paintings that you may have missed, tips about my process, things I have learned along the way and general musings. What brought this revelation about?  Perhaps it was losing a very close friend last month that reminded me that life is precious and you never know how much time is left on the clock to say all you have to say.  
This painting - "Rally Girl" is something am I playing with at present- model, Amy astride Susan's old 1970 Vespa Rally 180.  I have become quite the scooteristi lately. I still love my Harley, too.


gmoore said...

He's baacckkkkk :)

Deb O said...

Welcome back! And I love the graphic quality that the background on this one has. Perfection!

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Deb. The piece is quite illustrative. The green/red/white bulls eye was adopted by the mods as their symbol.

Laura Virella said...

I am jealous.


Mark Adams said...

You are beautiful, Laura. I am jealous.