August 8, 2008

Technical Difficulty

Standing in for Mark for this post is his wife.  You know, the one who so often looks at one of his finished paintings and says, "I love it all, but for that little splash of white there," to which Mark replies, "That's exactly what makes it sing to me!"  And I usually come around to appreciating the splash of white in time, though occasionally the splash of white will be softened to appease me.

Mark is currently in the hospital, having had his appendix removed Friday afternoon.  Pesky little things, appendix.  What purpose do they serve, anyway?  If you can do just as well without them, then why the heck do we have them in the first place?  Be that as it may, my poor boy's appendix was quite angry - I believe the semi-technical term is "hot."  And so the hospital is where he will remain until Monday.  I don't know how much time he will have to recover before being able to stand in front of an easel for hours on end.  I would suggest you will likely see a few small, simple pieces in another week or so.  It may be a while before he can tackle anything as complex as the hounds.  And so this site is temporarily on hold due to technical difficulties.  Please keep Mark in your thoughts and I know he'd love to hear from you via comments to this post.


Sherry DeGhelder said...

Hope you are up and about soon.

It turns out the appendix might have evolved as a storage pouch for pro-biotics: The theory calls upon observations and experiments done at Duke University Medical Center.
Go figure.

Jigglypuff said...

So sorry to hear about your appendix. No fun being in the hospital. Hope that you are feeling better soon. I know it took some time to be able to really move well when mine came out. Did it rupture? UGH! Anyway know that we are thinking about you as we eat our crabs tonight we will hoist a brew in crack a crab in your honor!

Craig & Tanya Amberson, said...

So sorry to hear about Mark's appendix troubles! Craig and I will be wishing him a speedy recovery back to his easel.

Anonymous said...

Wishing you a speedy recovery. Recently had my gallbladder out -- another pesky little useless thing. Feel better soon, Mark! Laura

Anonymous said...

Good Grief!

I’m so sorry to hear about this. Take care and remember to that gown buttoned in back when they make you start walking around the hospital corridors. I’ll try to get down to visit you ASAP. Until then I keep you in my thoughts and prayers.


gary said...

Sorry to hear that Mark is 'under the weather'!

Please tell us that Mark didn't take photos of the offending organ for 'reference work' :)

Hope he mends quickly...


Joanne said...

Hi Mark,

Glad you made it to the hospital in time to have the angry organ removed! I will be thinking of you - and praying that your recovery is much more speedy than expected. However, I am glad you have a fabulous wife who will TRY to ensure that you don't overdo - an "enforced rest" if you will. Take care - get well. May the drugs be sufficient to keep you comfortable and allow you to dream of future paintings.


Anonymous said...

Hope Mark is home resting comfortably and recovering with little pain. Thanks to Mark's wife for caring for him during this time. Laura

Anonymous said...

Slacker, it's been a week already. Just because you have a little bellyache, we should suffer? Take a perc and get over to the easel already!


Mark Adams said...

Thank you everybody, for the get well wishes! Nurse Susan has been taking good care of me. I have rested for the requisite week and look forward to being a productive member of the artistic community once again.