August 6, 2008


Oil on museum quality, archival ampersand gessobord™ panel - 8” x 8”

Here is the finished painting.  I am happy to report that freezing one's palette does work to keep the paint from drying out or skinning over, even earth pigments.  You learn something new every day.  I read this tip (no, not from Heloise) on the comments page of someone's blog.  Whoever mentioned this, I am grateful.  I used to submerge my palette in a tray of water, which also works but it is not ideal. 

Call it perverse, but while I painted this piece I was listening to a recording of the original Broadway production of CATS.  Anna, who is on my lap as I type this, thinks it was purrfectly fine.  She does question my masculinity on occasion; show tunes and all that.

Not a sound from the pavement 
Has the moon lost her memory 
She is smiling alone 
In the lamplight 
The withered leaves collect at my feet 
And the wind begins to moan 
All alone in the moonlight 
I can dream of the old days
Life was beautiful then 
I remember the time I knew what happiness was 
Let the memory live again 

Every street lamp seems to beat 
A fatalistic warning 
Someone mutters and the street lamp sputters
And soon it will be morning 

I must wait for the sunrise 
I must think of a new life 
And I mustn't give in 
When the dawn comes 
Tonight will be a memory too 
And a new day will begin 

Burnt out ends of smoky days 
The stale cold smell of morning 
A street lamp dies, another night is over 
Another day is dawning 

Touch me, 
It's so easy to leave me 
All alone with the memory 
Of my days in the sun 
If you touch me, 
You'll understand what happiness is 
Look, a new day has begun... 


Diane said...

The finished product is supurb! Take from a dog lover! As always I love the way you've captured those beagle so soulful eyes.

Truly god's creatures awaiting their blessing.

Roxanne Steed said...

These hunting hounds are BREATH-TAKING GORGEOUS! I can hear them calling! Makes me miss that fall trip into the woods & fields with my horsey buddies. (sigh)

Mark Adams said...

Diane, Thanks, as always for your comments and reflections. I'm glad you got to see the actual work in progress and approve of the follow through.

Mark Adams said...

Ironic that you should stop by, as I was going to leave you a little comment today. I peruse the daily paintings when they first come on, around 12:30 am, and your "Queen of Summer" painting was one of the first that I clicked on. I love the hobbit-like perspective and those little splashes of red in the foreground.

Thanks for the compliment BTW. Tally Ho.


Fabulous composition, Mark! Love it! Your palette here is so inviting. I also particularly like the expression on the hound in the center right. Beaututiful. Jeanne


P.S. - Just a tidbit of info re your comments about preserving oil paints in use. I always used to put Saran Wrap or waxed paper over my paints on my palette and gently press down to cover the blobs of paint well. When ready, peel off and voila! Of course now I'm so darned busy, I just leave them out all the time...I seem to be working in my studio morning, noon and night! :) Jeanne

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

love it! wonderful painting.

Mark Adams said...

I appreciate the kind words. I had a beagle growing up named Emily, so I have a soft spot in my heart for hounds.
Thanks for the tip on the saran wrap. I'll try that next time. Umbers and ochres get a skin on them and dry out overnight, which isn't so bad out of the tube, but if you've mixed up a bunch of blended variations it can cost you lost time in re-mixing.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Rhonda!

Roxanne Steed said...

thanks for the kind comments Mark...& yes, to Jeanne, I go for the Saran wrap on the palette, too.

Don Gray said...

Mark, this is beautiful--bravo!