May 16, 2008

study for "Amphictyonis - Goddess of Wine"

Oil on archival 1/8" ampersand gessobord panel - 9" x 12"

Once again the color got washed out while posting this little study.  The painting is luscious.  

..later the next morning.

It just occurred to me that the reason the photos of my paintings look great on the MAC but look like crap on the blog may be the settings in lightroom.  I think the blog doesn't recognize ProPhoto RGB.  I will try and switch over to sRGB and see if things improve.  This is a maddening development.

This painting is meant to serve as a study for a later work. The ambiguous, neutral, slightly floral background is intentionally vague and shot with Corot-like flicks of green.  I may drop her into a forest Bacchanalia at a later date.


Anonymous said...


you are a very talented artist.

Anonymous said...

Mark....What can I say...What an excepional model..........That painting is beautiful, I am blown away!!! Farm Girl

Anonymous said...


No fair using a real goddess for a model.


Mark Adams said...

Thanks, guys! Working with a new model always gets the creative juices flowing.

F.G. - I'm glad you like it; I was nervous.

Diane said...

a lovely lady... well painted is a thing of beauty