May 14, 2008

"Champagne cork reflections"

Oil on museum quality, archival 1/8" ampersand gessobord panel - 5" x 5"

I don't know why I love playing with this red tablecloth so much.  Perhaps I was a bull fighter in a past life.  It is fun to paint and it really gives some gravitas to such a tiny panel.  Corks from two of my favorite champagnes; Schramsberg and Mumm, reflecting off of a chrome wine bucket on a red tablecloth.  So simple yet so satisfying.  

Something a bit more complex tomorrow, I promise.


Diane said...

Mummmmm...... Mumm's Reflections of great times!

Artoutwest said...

Thanks for the fun comment on my moose-yes, a squirrel! That would be fun, then the roadrunner series
your work is fun-good contrast-excellent!
Diane Whitehead

Pat Meyer said...

Love the red table cloth. It shows your passion. Too fun to do. Simple items but beautiful painting. Pat

Anonymous said...

Mark Love the piece.......I looking for some work done with girl

Mark Adams said...

Thanks for the kind words everyone! It is nice to know people are looking.

Farm girl - You'll be happy to know I have a new painting of Amphictyonis (AKA Demeter - Goddess of wine) that I am working on. It might be up tomorrow.