May 21, 2008

Blue Iris

Oil on archival 1/8" ampersand gessobord panel -5" x 7"

I had in mind to have some brushy fun with these pretty irises which adorn my friend Diane's garden.  Perhaps it was my love of Van Gogh coming to the fore.  His wonderful painting of irises has always been a favorite. It was one of his first works while he was at the asylum at Saint Paul-de-Mausole in Saint-Rémy-de-Provence.  Vincent felt that by continuing to paint while at the asylum he could keep himself from going insane.  Why, this sometimes has the opposite effect on me.  Sometimes continuing to paint makes me crazy.  Not from the act itself, which I love, but from the aftermath of creation.  Was it good enough? Will people like it, understand it, get it?  I suppose self doubt is part and parcel of this life I have chosen.  Oddly enough, I have a very strong sense of my own abilities.  Go figure.  As you can see, My idea of laying it on with a trowel vanished in the night and once again I broke out the blending brushes to soften the background and contrast the blossoms.  I guess I have to be true to myself.  Sometimes my hands have a will of their own.  The eye perceives but the hand executes. 


Deb O said...

Love the colors. makes me glad that spring finally got here.

Diane said...

of course it's perfect!