March 8, 2008

"Loaves and fishes - part 1"

Oil on archival, museum quality, ampersand 1/8” gessobord™ panel – 6’ x 6”

Don’t look too closely at this painting as it isn’t quite finished. I didn’t want another day to go by without posting something new. This piece is part of a diptych called “Loaves and fishes”. Could it be that my religious upbringing is coming to the fore? Perhaps, I was an acolyte for four years, in my youth. Look for the second part tomorrow.


rick nilson said...

Hey Mark,

Nice fish. But the orange beard makes you look 10 pounds greener. I would have worn the black leather slicker for that shot, but you know I'm just a slave to fashion. I'm sure nobody calls you "hopperesque".

Mark Adams said...

I’m more Hop-a-long-esque, although I’m starting to lean more towards Mama Cass-idy than Hopalong. Black is a slimming color, ’tis true.

SERGIG said...

Congratulations on your works!
They are beautiful.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Joseph