March 24, 2008


Oil on oil primed linen panel - 6"x 8"

I am back from Birmingham for a while. Being away from the easel for a week is scary. I have always suffered from cold starts; that feeling that you have somehow forgotten how to paint. My friend Stephanie has a beautiful Maine Coon named Leo. He was the perfect subject to get me back in the saddle.


Diane said...

so sweet and fluufy

Rhonda Hurwitz said...

sweet kitty!

rick nilson said...


Cold starts. That is one that I don't have to look up in Wikipedia I get those, but I didn't know what to call them. Thank you for that and the puffy shirt. Did I forget to mention Leo. Sort of puffy.


S.M. Sedwick said...

Beautiful, liquid eyes. Also excellent handing of the nose and ears. I have a cat with similar coloring...I'll have to refer back to this before the next time I tempt her to pose under the warm studio lights.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks for the kind words. Leo is indeed a sweet cat.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

So did Leo sit for you, or did you do this from a photo? Whichever it was, this is lovely. And I really like the cat painting you posted on DP today but don't see on any of your recent blog posts. I am guessing it's older. It's so fun!

I know well that feeling of panic when starting to paint again after a break. Sometimes this happens to me after only a few days of having other pressing chores to do.

Cold start is a good name for it. (Or the Imposter Complex, since I usually feel like such an imposter when I begin. I ask myself questions like "Do I really even know anything about painting?").