February 28, 2008

la nudité femelle avec la cigarette, le chapeau de fourrure et le léopard pèle des chaussures

Oil on panel - 8" x 14"

How's that for a title? I did this piece a while ago as a study for a larger painting in a series of long postponed fetish works. I may be revisiting the concept. I'm off to Alabama (no banjo on my knee) in the morning to see my dear Uncle Bob in hospital. New work on Monday... Promise.


Michele Lee said...

Silly man...we don't have banjo's on our knees here in Huntsville,Alabama. You can only find those in the woods with crazy toothless men and overalls or on a canvas! We have great art here. All joking aside, I love your work and I relly hope you uncle beats this thing.

Mark Adams said...


Things look pretty dark for dear Uncle Bob, but we still have hope.
“There is no medicine like hope, no incentive so great, and no tonic so powerful as expectation of something tomorrow.”-- O. S. Marden.
Congratulations on your achievements and thanks for the kind words.