February 27, 2015

"Oysters at the Passport Wine Festival"

Oil on museum quality Ampersand Gessobord panel
6" x 8"

I really had fun painting this piece.  The tooth of these Ampersand panels allows for some great effects.  I doubt that I could have gotten the same scratched weathered wood effect on canvas. It was a bright sunny day in Healdsburg, with a few puffy clouds as evidenced in the base of the wine glass.


Anonymous said...

Have enjoyed the painting and of course the stay and company
Googled you here in the bay area and got a 80 year old artist that died in 2006.
Interesting collection of work. thought you might enjoy
1. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3d7_j4Rddlg , www.noevalleyvoice.com/2006/March/Mark.html and www.berggruen.com/artists/mark-adams

Diane Hoeptner said...

Yes, really nice textures, glass so glassy too. Beautiful!

Mark Adams said...

I often get confused with that other guy.

Mark Adams said...

Thank you, Diane. I had fun with this one. (Heck - I have fun with all of them! That's why I do it.)

Anonymous said...

You might want to try Ledaig 10 years
First encountered Ledaig 10 years at a whisky dinner. The Ledaig was paired with blood pudding and fresh scallops. They also had apple chutney. Take a mouthful of scallops or the earthy blood pudding and then chase it with some Ledaig, and you may as well tell everyone that you have been to Heaven and lived to tell about it.
Other tasting notes:
"nose of vanilla, citrus, and spoiled oatmeal", "sulfurous, unclean baby diaper", "dung heaps at the training stable", and "cold, greasy bbq pit.
Salty, fresh raw oysters, iodine, rich seawater, a ginger/sulphur sweetness lurks too, and is complimented by tart salt notes of sea foam. The loam and earthen notes of the nose come through on the palate too. Peat? Yes, of course. It is peated, but not over the top. This is not Laphroaig or Ardbeg. However, there is more intensity than Bowmore 12.
Cheers – Mike and Peg

Mark Adams said...

Thanks for the tasting notes Mike. I'll have to try peaty scotch and salty oysters. What's not to like?