January 10, 2015

West Coast Oysters

Oil on museum quality Ampersand Gessobord panel  
 6" x 8"

2015?  Wow, what happened to 2014? ...and 2013, and 12, 11, 10, heck, the whole new millennium? My time on this ball grows short and I am sensing that it is time to start padding my oeuvre before it's too late.  So my New Year's resolution is to try and paint or draw something every day and to keep up with this blog.  I'm sorry that I have let you down over the past few years.  I know what you must be thinking - "Hey, it's already the 10th. What's up with that!"  Okay, I was in Palm Springs enjoying the warm weather.  Can you blame me?  It is 11˚ here in Maryland tonight.  Brrrr!   However, I'm back now and ready to push some paint!  Here's to a productive New Year!


Alice Thompson said...

I love how you started this post. LOL. What did happen??? I noticed many art bloggers leaving blogs back in 2010 to go to facebook, and now I see a large exodus of facebookers to instagram. Good to come to your page and see that you're still here making art happen.
Blogger is still my favorite social media medium.

Mark Adams said...

Great minds think alike. I miss you too Alice. I just had a peek at your blog and it is, shall we say, not altogether current? If I can do it, so can you! Get in the studio and make stuff!

Alice Thompson said...

Mr Adams, you are so inspiring. I posted on my blog today and referenced your blog and website.

Thank you again.

Mark Adams said...

My pleasure, Alice. I'm excited to see some new work from you.