March 20, 2014

"Laura and Miriam"

Oil on canvas
24" x 36"

Those who have been frequent visitors to my blog may think that all I paint are small studies of animals and oysters.  Visitors to the studio get a different picture of the artist.  My work is actually quite varied in size and scope.  For example; all of the "Confetti Series", canvases portraying contemporary American fashion from the late 80's, were a massive 40" x 60".  Hung together at the Zenith Gallery in Washington, DC, they made quite a powerful statement.  The little panels have been an important bridge between series and a way for more people to have access to my work.  Of course selling tiny studies has not been without consequences.  The price of a complicated portrait is many many times more than an oil sketch that took a few hours.  I am having a hard time juggling the two.  I'd hate to give up the small work since the immediate pleasure of posting something new is more exciting than commission work where only you and the client see the finished painting.  Well...and all my Facebook friends usually get a peek.


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