August 6, 2013

Today's Tuesday Tip - "Old Brushes"

It has been firmly established that I am a compulsive saver. Things that most normal people would have long ago tossed in the bin I hold onto in hopes of finding new purposes for.  A case in point is old brushes.  Many non-artist types would look at these worn out nubs and think they are totally useless - au contraire mon frere!  For a painter of animals, these are instrumental (no pun intended) in creating the effects of fur and feather.  You can't buy these either.  They are created over time and are thus very precious.  Think twice before you throw that old brush out.  I am currently working on a painting of a venerable Jack Russell terrier, whose wiry, aging fur would have been very difficult to paint without the benefit of my old friends here.  You'll see it posted tomorrow.

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