February 2, 2012


Oil on museum quality ampersand gessobord panel - 6" x 8"

I still had a bit of paint mixed up from the previous night's session and thought I could put it to good use. Whoever it was that gave me the tip about freezing the palette to retard drying - thank you, thank you, thank you!

The leftover pigment was used to paint this piece. Have you ever known a standard poodle that was afraid of the water? Well, I have. His name is Louie (or should that be Louis?) Whatever. Anyway, Louie has the same enthusiasm for the water as I have for boats. He'll fetch a tennis ball all day, but throw it in a pool, river, stream or estuary and all you get is a quizzical look, as if to say "Surely, you don't expect me to go in there and get that!" This day, my friend was determined to show him how much fun it is and gave him a little(?) nudge into the pool. He was not amused.

The photograph of the painting is not particularly too good. I didn't post it last night, thinking that a wash of north light might help. It didn't. Like people, some paintings just don't photograph well. Here it is nonetheless, just to prove I'm still stroking away.


Deb O said...

That's one wet dog. Love the color contrast. Love, Deb

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Deb. You'll have to see the piece in real life. It really is much nicer than it appears here. I like the contrast of "happy wet dog" and "Sad wet dog" as they sit together in the studio drying.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

I love your honesty, Mark. Some days and some paintings (and references) are just like that. As the song goes, "Mama said there'd be days like this".

It's a fun piece, BTW, especially knowing the story. Poor doggie.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Diana. I've been in Austin, TX for the last 4 days, hence no new work this week. Looking forward to next weeks challenge.