February 24, 2012

"Amy smoking"

Oil on linen mounted on wooden panel - 8" x 10"

It's ironic that that act of lighting up a cigarette has been elevated to fetish status. It wasn't that long ago that "smoking or non-smoking?" was a question asked before being seated in restaurants and on airplanes. How times have changed.

(This was another painting that didn't photograph well. It is quite nice in reality but the subtle hues in the flesh are lost and the glare in the hair spoils the piece. Arrrgh!)


Brad Miedema said...

This is awesome Mark! So realistic. I really like how you treated the smoke from the cigarette.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Brad. I was happy with the smoke effect. I just loaded up a brush and gave it a twist as I dragged it through the wet background.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Lovely piece, Mark, and the cigarette gives some mystery and drama to the nude.

BTW, since this is a small piece, you might try simply scanning it on a flatbed scanner to get a better image (provided the painting is dry and can be laid face down on the glass).

Mark Adams said...

What a great idea,
Diana. I never thought of scanning a painting. Of course they are usually wet, but I still have this piece and will try a scan of it tomorrow. Thanks for the tip.