May 27, 2010

"Neptune Oyster House Oyster"

Oil on museum quality ampersand gessobord panel 5" x 7"

The terrible headlines about the eminent ruination of the Gulf Coast has got me thinking and worrying about my beloved Gulf Oysters. Plumper and sweeter than their East Coast brethren, I would hate to think I may have had my last taste of them. Yesterday I painted a cat named Bean. Today a blue point oyster from the Neptune Oyster House in Bean-town. Coincidence? You tell me.


Diane said...

There will be ousters as beautiful as this in your future..promise

~:~ said...

Stunning Dad!
glistening w new radiance... i love it.

Mark Adams said...

No doubt. Many people have called for my ouster but I refuse to leave.

Just kidding - thanks, Diane.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Holly {;-)>

SKIZO said...


Dean Grey said...

I love the pointy shadows under the oyster, Mark!

Great job on this!


Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Dean. I agree, the shadows make this piece.