September 26, 2009

Still in Limbo

Just a quick update -

Still digging out. I don't have internet access yet so I am not able to keep up with e-mail and such. I am finding wi-fi where I can and checking in now and again. Hopefully things will calm down in a week or two.


Diane said...

sitting here, at 6AM with jet lag.. having my morning café au lait without
an "ADAMS"to view. I'll help unpack the studio.... Missed you both and the kids

Diane Hoeptner said...

Gorgeous home! Wow! That will inspire some brilliant paintings and I can't wait to see them!!

Pegi Sue said...

Mark, I'm needing inspiration!!! I look to you for that!! Now, don't feel any pressure here, but.....PAINT SOMETHING!!!lol
Hope all is well and your setup is working out for you!!! It sure is nice!:)

Mark Adams said...

Thanks. girls. I just got hooked up to the internet this week via 3-g wireless so I should be better about posting. I found my brushes today and my paintbox can't be too far from them. New work by early next week I promise.

Anonymous said...

OK. You've milked this move thing about long enough. Get busy.