November 20, 2008


Oil on museum quality, archival ampersand gessobord™ panel - 8” x 8”

I've never painted a Cornish Rex before today.  The coat of a Cornish Rex is curly and extremely fine.  It's more like down than fur.  Indeed, Max here would get hypothermia on a day like today if he was allowed outside. Not unlike JJ, Max has found a recently closed laptop to perch on. He lives with my friend George and his antics are legend. In case you were wondering what is in the background of this piece; it is huge glass bell dome covering a stuffed crane atop an ornate carved chinese stand.

As I am typing this, some drama was happening just outside.  I had given Piper and the kids a bowl of kitten chow about 10 minutes ago and when I looked out, a very large raccoon was woofing down their food.  They were cowering in their cooler/cathouse.  I chased off Rory and checked on the gang.  Everybody was OK, thank goodness.  I still don't have the heart to separate Piper from her children.  I am working on gaining there confidence.  

It felt good to be back at the easel today.


Alice Thompson said...

Your painting Cold Fish arrived and it is incredible! I hope to see more fish and sea creatures from you. Cod, Polluck, King Crab... the works!

This Cat is so strange looking. He looks kinda spooked. Beautiful painted of course.

BTW I think I'll try my best to let my Dad have it... on long term loan.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Alice I'm glad fish painting arrived safely. It was the first time I have sent a framed piece out, yours and "Cold Comfort" at the same time. Another "first" today was sending a painting (Oyster shell with lemons) to Switzerland. I'm going to have to get one of those world maps and some push pins to keep track of my work.

Max may look like a goblin but he is a sweetie.

There are lots more fish in the queue, stay tuned

I'm still working on the "Tag." You know me, I can get wordy.

Diane said...

Talk about "wide eyed"..this boy looks like the raccoon was eating his dinner...
If anyone can charm and calm those kitties it will be you..

Joanne said...

Oh my, Mark - this guy must have been a bit of a challenge... you have captured that HUGE eyed look and the crouch so well! And then there is the texture of the fur - beautifully done. What sets your work apart is the attention to detail. I love how the left ear in particular shows translucence with the background color showing through, and the other touches of red in his fur, the laptop and in his eyes. Masterful!

Mark Adams said...

Diane, I'm getting close with Sammy and Dino. Indeed, Sammy runs inside the house when I open the door. Shirley is still very fearful, but I haven't given up on her.

Mark Adams said...

Aw, shucks. Thanks, Joanne. I've been wanting to paint Max for some time. He is a remarkable creature. I'm glad you picked up on the reds dancing around this painting. It must be getting close to Christmas; reds and greens sneak onto my palette this time of year and want to play together.

Susan Beauchemin said...

Your paintings are wonderful!, and... you've been tagged