June 12, 2008

Almost there

By now I'm certain that even my loyal followers have given up on this blog.  Traveling, even for pleasure, is not conducive to creative production.  Illness is worse and worrying about sick pets can be devastating to creativity.   I'm dealing with all these and more at present.  Life just seems to get in the way of art.  I have new respect for my creative brothers and sisters who seem to work through adversity.  My mind doesn't work that way.  I guess I am too sensitive for my own good.  Perhaps that is why I chose this artists life, or did it choose me?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Your travel can be anoying, my friend. However, each day at home/each trip/each new person/each little specimen of reference collected is important in the formation of your artistic vision. It is the stuff that will end up in your excellent figures, still lifes, and portraits.

That said, you are home. Get your butt in gear -- we're waiting.