April 1, 2008

Tech time

Today was given up to technical issues and paperwork. I am now a MAC man. After months of kicking, screaming, cajoling, pleading and control-alt-deleting my old PC, I had finally had enough. Just removing the spaghetti and miscellaneous detritus from the old PC has taken more time than I would have imagined. The good Apple people have (hopefully) transferred all my painting files over to the new machine. They tell me that a MAC is much better for an artist than a PC and that they are very intuitive. I’ll let you know. The book about how to use leopard is 458 pages long! I’ll be putting in some time loading applications onto the machine that wouldn’t directly transfer. I probably won’t get any painting done tomorrow either. Then it’s off to the Big Easy to celebrate my wife’s 50th birthday. I am going to pre-load some paintings onto http://www.dailypainters.com/ so I can get them into the gallery section. If you are new to my blog, you can look back and find them and there may be a story to go with them. For my regular lookers and lurkers; there may not be a new painting until next Tuesday, so don’t be disappointed.


Joanne said...

Yeah Mark!

Welcome to the wonderful world of Mac! I received mine for Christmas - and I have not looked back. As my son told me, if what you are trying to do seems difficult on a Mac, then you are not doing it right because EVERYTHING is so user friendly. My whole family and some of my extended family are now Mac - except my husband, who has to use a PC because that's the platform used by the company he works for. Let me tell you, your paintings look fantastic on the Mac's high resolution monitor!!!!!!

Have a great time celebrating your wife's birthday.

gary said...

Ahh...as goes your old PC - there goes your friendly, live, personal tech support :)

Mark Adams said...

Not to worry, Gary, I still have my Dell laptop, so you are not off the hook.

Anonymous said...

Mark, do more nudes!! they are gorgeous!

Diana Moses Botkin said...

Hey I'm looking forward to hearing how you like adjusting to the Mac! I've been thinking I'd make the leap when I replace my PC, which is getting old and feeble.

Have a great time with your sweetie on her birthday!

Blessings, Diana

Mark Adams said...

Diana, The reason I haven’t painted anything this week is because I am spellbound by this new computer. It’s an iMac 24” widescreen. Everything old is new again. All my old reference is now so clear and crisp and Hi-Def that I don’t know what to paint first. The learning curve is not great, but it is different, so I am having to learn new image management techniques. So far I love it. BTW...We had a great time in the Big Easy, as always.