April 13, 2008

Comment test

I was at an art opening this past weekend and was talking to some friends about the whole internet-art experience.  A few of them remarked about this piece or that piece that they had seen on my blog.   Looking at the blog is tantamount to falling by the studio.   More than one person said that they had tried to leave a comment, but that it didn't work. 

Just to be certain that the comment button actually works:  This is a test of the comment button.  Feel free to say anything you want - "Nice weather we are having",  "How about them 'O's" etc. 
It is suppose to work like this;  You place your cursor over "0 comments"  and click.  Type some words in the box,  choose an identity (you can be anonymous if you'd like),  if there is a box to type in some jumbled code words - be sure to fill that in.  Press the "preview" if you want to see what your glorious comments will look like.  When satisfied - hit the publish your comment button.  There, wasn't that easy?


Diane said...

Come to dinner on Tuesday night.

Mark Adams said...

It seems that you are the only one who can leave a comment. How strange? I'd love to come to dinner on Tuesday.

Stephen Eldred Photography said...

Mark, you are not alone. I am actually a fan of many years and came upon your blog by accident. I must thank you as I now have a blog of my own... www.stepheneldred.blogspot.com
I hope to own a piece of your art soon... Thank you, Stephen Eldred

Mark Adams said...

It works! A voice in the wilderness at last!. Thank you, Stephen. I was beginning to feel like Charlton Heston in the Omega Man. I clicked over to your blog and am very impressed. My wife and I are casual oenophiles and have been out to California a few times. Your photography distills the idyllic beauty and tranquility of wine country down to it's essence. Nice work! I am glad to have found your site.

Anonymous said...

Is this a way to get out of a painting? Can't fool us! I am disappointed. I look forward to seeing your daily paintings.

6 weeks, 4 days.


Mark Adams said...

Huggie Bear,

I spent yesterday at the 3rd annual Baltimore Oyster Bash getting reference for more of the daily paintings that I didn't know you were looking at. Of course I slurped 5 or 6 dozen and washed them down with lots a Ireland's finest so I was in no shape to paint when I got back to the studio,

I guess I better wash my bike. Hell, it's Americade; it's gonna rain anyway.

Unknown said...

sorry...i only check in on week days :)

btw - NOLA was a blast

Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

Just writing to let you know that I took a look at the blog on Monday morning. See you on Wednesday.


Fran said...


I opened a new account, so I hope this is getting through to you.

Ordered frames for Mr. Big and and the Fish Faces. So, they will be on display in a few days.

And thanks for your business. It was greatly appreciated by your humble photographer friend and the amazing model.


Mark Adams said...

Gary - yes it was
Steve - Wednesday
Fran - Ansel would be envious of your talent.

So you do look. I'm impressed

Diane said...

Just looking for the next painting

Stephanie said...

ohhhhh, I get it!
xxoo ;)

Anonymous said...

This is a test of the emergency comment system.It is only a test. If this had been a real comment emergency, you would have been told where to go..................
or something like that! :)
Hi Mark!
Love the horses above. Beautiful painting....saw it on dp so thought i'd come over and tell you so.


Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Kay. I appreciate it.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

It IS sometimes a challenge leaving comments on blogs, esp. for those in which comments open in another window. Although it's working fine tonight, there are other times that I've had to reload the window more than once to get the comment form. Go figure. Glad it's working, anyway! BTW, you can change your settings to have comments not open in a separate window. Blessings.