December 21, 2007

"Walking on water"

Oil on canvas - 18" x 24"(?)
There is a scene in the movie “The Time Machine” where George has fended off the attacking morlocks and jumps into his time machine, knocking the crystal control lever all the way forward. The world around him begins to move at an alarmingly fast pace. He looks on in horror as a dead morlock turns to dust in mere seconds. My life seems to be doing that. If only I could play out the next scene. “But I was going the wrong way,” he says “back, I had to go back,” and he grabs the lever with both hands and reverses his course through time and returns to his home only slightly late for dinner. It always bothered me that he was late at all, seeing as he had a time machine, but no matter. All this is to say that 10 days have gone by without so much as a dead morlock to show for it. Well there are a smattering of secret painted presents yet to be revealed but 4 days in New Orleans and 3 in Boston have taken their toll. I did glean much reference material in the Big Easy, so the days ahead will be filled with fun stuff. Speaking of fun stuff, here is a new piece that I have been picking at since the summer. It is of my friend Gary crossing the koi pond at the Fort Worth Botanic Gardens. I call it “Walking on Water.”


Diane said...

love that you are back "at it"

You know, you write so well, and paint so well I am addicted!

The painting reminds me of a garden in Japan where we walked on stones across it. It was full of blooming Iris!

gary said...

Wonderful painting - but your friend Gary thinks he thinner and more handsome in person!

Mark Adams said...

Maybe thinner