December 4, 2007

"Corkboard with pushpin"

Oil on museum quality gessobord panel - 6" x 8"
I don’t what is so compelling about wine corks. These little speckled, brown cylinders just delight me. Maybe it’s their infinite variety - the myriad designs and colors. Perhaps it’s their ultimate demise that makes me save them. My minions pay token when coming to parties with bags full of corks (and foils and champagne medallions). As an artist, I like units - things that can make up larger things. I am currently visualizing a mosaic of Julia Child using wine foils as pixels a la Chuck Close. I have made many 2’ x 4’ bulletin boards with corks. Some recipients of these find it hard to use them for the purpose for which they were made because they don’t want to cover them up. This painting answers that problem. It is a small section of my board in the kitchen.


Holly said...

I love this one! Those little corks delight me in much the same way. Fruit doesn't roll far from the tree... Beautiful work Dad.

Diane said...

mark... we are so pleased to have an "orignal Adams cork board" I, of course love this one