August 10, 2016


Oil on panel
6" x 8"

  This little guy is the late, great Spit.   I have owned a tabby or two in my lifetime and have always been fascinated by the myriad of color variations of their coat.  Sometimes cool, sometimes warm, depending on the light, it can be a challenge to capture in paint.  I really pushed the paint on this piece, often using a dry brush technique to grind into the gessobord (yes that's how Ampersand spells it) panel.  He has a rather ghostly appearance, coming out of the shadow chiaroscuro style, which is apropos since he has recently ascended to the heaviside layer.


deb O said...

You captured him perfectly in spite of the terrible reference pic I sent you to work from. Thanks! I love him!

Mark Adams said...

Thanks Deb