February 7, 2014

Friday Flashback - "Dancer and Mime"

Oil on Canvas
28" x 42"
circa 1982

This was painted in the heyday of the mime series back in the early eighties while I was working with movement arts majors Chris Millard and Vince Valenti. In the dance room of what is now Towson University the boys and I were taking a break when in walked a friend of Chris's, a good friend, by the look of it, and they began, er, interacting.  I grabbed my camera as he grabbed her and I got some beautifully composed images in less than five minutes. This stable pose became known as the "Adams triangle," which was oft repeated within my theatre oeuvre.


Margaret said...

This is great and named after you! "Adams triangle" I also love the advice below - use the "antiques", put them out, eat off them, take them out of the wrappers. Not to mention work out, eat less… sigh.

I see my daughter's name is on your side bar for "artists' How fun to see that. She is now a freshman and she is going to Europe this May to draw with her teacher and classmates. She is excited and so eager to learn.

Her dog passed away this past year and she and that dog had quite a bond. I am interested in having painting done for her for her for Christmas or when she graduates from college in a little over three years. What do you charge for a 11x14 or so oil painting? Im not sure if I want just the dog or she and the dog. my email is margaret.bednar@me.com

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Margaret. I'm envious of Chelsea's European sojourn. I sent you an e-mail re the possible commission. Cheers!