January 17, 2014

Friday Flashback - "Red Glove"

"Red Glove"  Oil on panel  8" x 12"  1998

Many years ago, a friend came to dinner and causally threw her coat and gloves on a chair by the door.  Later, when it was time for her to leave, she noticed one of her gloves had gone missing.  The fur and leather glove had proved too tempting to one of the resident Siamese that prowled the studio at the time. Most likely China, the kleptomaniac, who was known to go into purse and pocket, box and bag to find treasures, had whisked it away.  After a futile search, my friend shrugged and tossed the remaining glove to her and her companions and said "Have fun."   I painted the glove as a token of thanks for her generosity but somehow we lost touch. The painting hung for years in the dining room with one glove hanging over the frame, the fickle cats having lost all interest in it.  I think we may have found the glove's mate in a lonely corner of the basement when we moved.

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