May 17, 2012


Oil on museum quality Ampersand Gessobord panel - 8" x 8"

I'm finally getting back into the swing of things and what better way than with a hound?  We had a beagle named Emily when I was growing up.  She was a sweetheart and certainly earned her keep.  Not that anyone had an alarm system back then but it would have been redundant with Emily guarding the fort. Her Ahooo, Ahooo alerted us (and the neighbors) to impending visitors, both wanted and unwanted.  

This little girl is Penny.  She and her cohort Chloe, who I painted back in  March of '09, happily accompany her owner to work most days.  Since he owns the company, no one seems to mind, with the exception that Penny has a penchant to abscond the lunch off anyone's desk who is foolish enough to turn their back or go off to get a soda.  Her malfeasance is so notorious that the head of the company has vouchers for the local deli just in case she is successful.  With a face like that and those soulful eyes, who could stay mad for long?

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Marietjie said...

Beagles are such wonderful dogs full of personality and you have done a great job with Penny