April 23, 2012

"Baby O"

Oil on museum quality ampersand gessobord panel - 6" x 8"

I was going to title tonight's entry "Burn Out" - not because I am burned out, far from it.  Because, once again my painting light has burned out.  It is now nearly impossible to buy a high wattage flood light.  Thanks to those good folks in Washington, we have to suffer the cold pallor of CFL bulbs.  Yuck!!  Today I was experimenting with a tandem light source - a supposedly "full spectrum" CFL and a warm 100 watt "Reveal" bulb in a clip-on lamp just below.  I am not unhappy with the results.  That said, I am not thrilled with the reproduction of this painting. It is much, much nicer in real-life.  The reds of her pigtails on the right got lost and there is a bit of glare on the left. C'est la vie.


....... said...

OMG! Beautiful!

hmuxo said...

Baby O...is Outstanding!! Beautiful portrait. Congratulations.

Aubrey said...


Mike & Peg said...


Try: Energy Miser FE-IIIB-200W-50K
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As usual: Great image, fantastic execution [If this is a poor copy, can't wait to see the original.]
Also the Mardi Gras Masks -Spot on!
See you Sunday -Mike & Peg

Mark Adams said...

Thanks for the kind comments, everyone!

Mark Adams said...

Mike, thanks for the tip on the lamps. It was very illuminating.

Diana Moses Botkin said...

BEAUTIFUL portrait, Mark. I so love red hair and this child is just a doll.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Diana. The painting was picked up last night by her Grandfather and he was thrilled. He told me this child is half Greek and half Chinese, if you can believe it. I would have put money on 100% Irish.

Hannah Leigh said...

This portrait is just stunning, I can't imagine it being even better in person! Really enjoying your blog

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This picture is much loved!