May 20, 2011

"Say hello to my little friend"

In case some of you were wondering what became of me, I blew out a lower disk about ten days ago and have been on my back ever since. The angelic Susan has been my lifeline between this world and a world of excruciating pain.


Anonymous said...

Yikes - was wondering what had happened to you. Not fun at all - hope by now you're feeling more like a five - with a wee bit of a smile.

Mark Adams said...

Sadly still more like an 8/9. Getting a lumbar transforminal epidural injection on Thursday. Fingers crossed!

Anonymous said...

Hello Mr. Adams,

So sorry to read that about your back. My Dad has been getting those injections for a few years and then had spinal surgery. The first surgery last year was not successful... he just had an emergency second surgery just last month to remove and repair what the first doctor did wrong. He has all sorts of metal and bolts inside of him. The pain looks like a 10+ to me

Wish I could make it better for both of you

Be well


Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Alice, although your comment wasn't particularly comforting. Sorry to hear that your Dad is going through this too. It's no fun. The shot helped a lot and I am walking around, albeit with a cane for support. The legs are wobbly from all the laying around. I hope to start painting tomorrow.