August 4, 2010

"Spotted Llama"

Oil on museum quality ampersand gessobord panel 6" x 8"

I visited the farm of two dear friends over the weekend and they have, within their vast menagerie, some two dozen, wildly varied, llamas, Sadly, I got lost in all the names of this one and that one. No, there was not a Dahlia llama nor a Fernando llama. For all I know this guy was named Spot, the Wonder Llama. I am certain to find out his true appellation when they see this post. Aside from the glorious wool that comes from these sweet creatures, another perk is llama poo which is better than miracle grow. I used some on my herbs and you could practically see them growing, like Jack's bean stalk. It's really good sh*t.

I painted one of their llamas a few years ago and was told that when they put their ears back they are wary or nervous. This fellow seems to be saying "All right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my close-up."


Diane said...

love the Llama... he (she) seems quite regal.. with tons of attitude!!
I think that you've captured the texture of it's hair perfectly... It would make a lovely sweater!

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Diane. Do you knit? I think I could score you some wool.

Deb O said...

Love this guy! Forget the puppies, cats and horses. I see a series of South american mammals in your future. Think llamas, alpacas and guinea pigs. Well maybe not the last one.

Mark Adams said...


I love guinea pigs. I grew up with them. Clyde, Snoopy 1 and Snoopy 2 among others, were my constant companions in my formative years. Explains a lot doesn't it.


Dean Grey said...

It looks like a spotted giraffe!

What an unusual looking animal, Mark!


Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Dean. You should see the two headed one.

Anonymous said...

I love him! I have always wanted a "push me-pull you"! Hahaha! Fabulous as always. Love the comment on their poo! We need one in South GA! Dottie

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Dottie.