April 23, 2009


Oil on museum quality ampersand gessobord panel - 8" x 10"

As you can see, I am going through a brindle phase right now. Blue here, belongs to my landscape designer. He brought him over today to model for me. Sporting the typically gorgeous Australian Shepherd coat, his eyes are particularly unusual, in a Marilyn Manson sort of way. One is half brown and half blue, the other pure ice blue. He is also a sweetheart (except to groundhogs, I've been told). His coquettish sidelong glance is endearing.


Sheila said...

Awesome. What a magnificent rendering of a popular breed!

Diane said...

Love "Blue" of course!

susan southard said...

Ahh! I have owned this bred of dog before, and they are wonderful! What a great picture.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks for the comments, girls. I was worried that no one was going to say boo about this painting.

Speaking of boo, did you know it's "Me and you and a dog named Boo?" I always thought it was "...a dog named Blue."

Dean Grey said...

Amazing job on this one, Mark!

The eyes are sharp and crisp. The best part of the painting IMHO.

I love the come hither stare of the dog. I think he's actually flirting with all of us!

Just a fantastic portrait!


Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Dean. I agree about the come hither stare. I was pleased with his nose, too. It laid in fast and sweet.

Peggi said...

I am so loving your work. Thank you for having this blog to allow public to view your special gift. It is artists such as yourself that remind me that I may paint; but I am not an Artist. Thank you for the joy of viewing your talent.
Just curious; why no large North light window in your studio?or did I just not get that view?

Mark Adams said...

Thanks, Peggi. It's comments like yours that keep me going. As for the north light - There are two 8' wide floor to ceiling windows on the north wall of the studio. I'll post a photo on the blog soon. I carried a compass with me for months when we were looking for property to build on.