February 18, 2009

"The red coats are coming!"

Oil on museum quality ampersand gessobord panel 5" x 7"

I probably should have painted this a bit larger as the detail in the tack and coat required the use of my trusty opti-visor. I am not Jean-Leon Gerome by any stretch of the imagination but once upon a time I painted a lot of miniatures. There are only 27 Vermeer paintings in existence. There is a reason he wasn't a daily painter. I tried to have some fun with the paint and keep the background loose and free. I should have channeled Degas. He could have knock this out in 20 minutes.


Anonymous said...

Mark, I'm glad to get to be the first one to comment on this painting. It is wonderful! You say that you wish that you had painted it larger. Why not paint another one in a larger size? Your paintings like this are of museum quality. I'm curious to know if you sell through a gallery.

Mark Adams said...

Thanks for chiming in Bob! I was beginning to worry.

I view all the daily paintings as "studies" for larger works. That said - 5 x 7 is smaller than most of the dailies I have painted. You wouldn't think increasing the size to 6 x 8 would make a big difference but it does.

I used the Zenith Gallery on 7th Street NW in DC to handle the fashion paintings in the 80's. My portrait work is all word of mouth. The daily paintings are a conundrum; if I used a gallery I would have to tack on commission which could be as high as 50%. If people could just buy them off the dailypainters site for less, the gallery would be pissed. Hence the conflict of interest. Later this year I plan to work on some serious larger stuff and try the gallery thing again.

Vikki North said...

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Unknown said...

The detail you get is incredible. Your work is terrific. Do you use an opti-visor? If so what is the optical length? I never thought of using one and don't own one but maybe I will.

Mark Adams said...

Oh yes Fred, the opti-visor has been my constant companion lo these many years. I swear I think I blew my eyes out on a very tight, very large photo-realist painting I did in the late 70's. In truth I guess I was just getting old and needed glasses. The strength of my visor is 5 but I wear thick glasses while wearing it. My advice would be to go to a good jewelery store, one that repairs fine watches and see if you can try them on. They sometimes sell them in the back, which is were I got mine. I suppose the internet is now a good source, too.

Mark Adams said...

Master Mike and Pub Wench - You speak my language! I shall most assuredly carouse with the lost souls in Dante's Pub. Fare thee well.