November 29, 2007

"Bozo Oysters"

I grew up in Baltimore in the 50's watching Stu Kerr play Bozo the clown, so I had a tough time not thinking, “Give me a "B,” give me an “O,” give me a “Z,” give me another “O” when we ate at Bozo’s Seafood Restaurant in Metairie, Louisiana, a Cajun/Creole version of the Westview Lounge in Baltimore, but the oysters were first rate. I like the play of greens and pinks in this piece.

I am currently in a juried show called “Small Wonders” at the Maryland Federation of Art’s Circle Gallery in Annapolis. My painting is called “Gulf Oysters” and was painted before I started the daily paintings. Nonetheless, had I had all these small, immediate paintings to choose from to submit, I still would have chosen an oyster piece as they are one of my favorite things, both to paint and to eat!

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